Lyrics M-P

Not About us

Not About us  by: Bishop Noel Jones Chorus It’s not about us But it’s about Jesus It’s not about you But it’s about Jesus It’s not about us But it’s about Jesus It’s not about you But it’s about Jesus I present my body A living sacrifice Holy, acceptable Unto You now Everything I am […]

More Than I Can Bear

More Than I Can Bear  by: Kirk Franklin I've gone through the fire And I've been through the flood I've been broken into pieces Seen lightnin' flashin' from above But through it all I remember That He loves me And He cares And He'll never put more on me Than I can bear I said […]

Praise Him

Praise Him by: Byron Cage [Chorus 1:] Praise Him, praise Him, praise Him in the morning, praise Him in the noonday. Praise Him, praise Him, praise Him when the sun goes down. [Verse:] When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I like to do is lift my hands and tell God, “thank […]


Magnify by Byron Cage Verse: He is so worthy of all the praise, oh come magnify Him, Jesus is His name. Honor and Glory belong to Him, oh come magnify Him Jesus is His name. Bow down before Him, lift up holy hands unto Him. Chorus: Come magnify Him, Jesus is His name, King of […]

Near The Cross

" Near The Cross " by: MISSISSIPPI MASS CHOIR Verse 1: Jesus keep me near the cross There's a precious fountain Free to all a healing stream Flows from Calvary's montain Chorus (1x) In the cross I'll watch and wait Hoping and trusting ever Til I reach that golden strain It's just beyond the river […]

One More Sunny Day

“One More Sunny Day” by: LEONTINE DUPREE & CHRIST TEMPLE COMMUNITY Lead: If the wind never quit blowing, Lord and the gray clouds always cover the sky. If the billows never quit rolling, and it will rain, rain, rain all the time. If the moon decide not to shine at night, and the stars never […]


Pray by Rebecca St. James Jesus I am broken now Before You I fall I lay me down All I want is You, my all I cry out from the ashes Burned with sin and shame I ask You Lord to make me whole again CHORUS: For You say if I will come and will […]

No Greater Love

By: Rachael Lampa Before I knew your nameYou knew my every breathBefore I found my wayYou knew my every stepBefore I knew everything that I needYou gave it all to me (Chorus)No greater love than thisThat you should lay down your lifeFor someone such as meI'd spend a life time wondering whyThe beauty of heaven […]