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Victory by: Tye Tribbett [Verse I:] I Thought I Lost But Actually I Won For By His Blood We All Have Overcome There is No Failure Our God Can Never Lose And that Same Power It Now Belongs To You [Chorus:] Now its time to celebrate, all banners raised I Got The Victory, The Victory […]

When you hear of my home going

" When you hear of my home going " by: B. Chase Williams When you hear of my home going… Don't worry about me.When you hear of my home going… Don't worry about me.When you hear of my home going… Don't worry about me.I'M PACKED RIGHT NOW, HEY, HEY, ON MY WAY HOME.One thing I […]

Walk Around Heaven

by: THE GOSPEL KEYNOTES   VERSE I: One of these mornings It won’t be long You’ll look for me And I’ll be gone I’m going to a place Where I’ll have nothing to do But just walk around Heaven All day VERSE II: When I get to Heaven I’ll sing and shout Nobody will be […]

When He Blessed My Soul

By: GOLD CITY QUARTET   Verse Jesus washed my sins away One glorious morning (praise His dear name) He blessed my soul (He blessed my soul) And He made me whole Ever since that happy day I'm tellin' the story (praise His dear name) Oh how He washed my sin away When He blessed my […]

Welcome For Me

Like a bird on the deep, far away from its nest,I had wandered, my Savior, from Thee,But Thy dear loving voice called me home to Thy breast,And I knew there was welcome for me. Refrain Welcome for me, Savior, from Thee;A smile and a welcome for me;Now, like a dove, I rest in Thy love,And […]

We Are Nearing

We are drifting towards the watersOf a calm and tranquil sea,And we soon shall anchor safelyIn that port where we should be. Refrain We are nearing, we are nearing,Nearing the golden strand;We are nearing, we are nearing,Nearing the soul's bright land. We are drifting from the sorrowsThat for us will soon be o'er;We are drifting […]

We All Can Do Good

Our lives, we are told, are but fleeting at best,Like roses they fade and decay;Then let us do good while the present is ours,Be useful as long as we stay. Refrain Do good unto others, do good while we can,Our moments how quickly they fly;Remember the proverb, remember it now,We all can do good if […]

Walk Thou With Me

Walk Thou with me, nor let my footsteps strayApart from Thee, throughout life's threatening way;Be Thou my Guide, the Path I cannot see;Close to Thy side, Lord, let me walk with Thee. Refrain Dear Savior, let me trust my hand in Thine,And let me know Thy steps are guiding mine;Life's changing way is oft times […]