yolanda adams

Be Blessed

by: Yolanda Adams   Verse1:Too many storms have passed your wayAnd you’re all washed out cause it rained on your paradeSeems nobody cares about you anywayNow you’re living your life like a castawaySearched for strength inside was it all in vainCause the deeper you dig you find more and more painDon’t let your tomorrow be […]


by: Yolanda Adams   [VERSE 1:]Although the sun has been around for a long timeStill have the ability to shineAnd although the moon lights up the nightSometimes it likes to hang out in the sunshineAlthough green grass sometimes turn brownIts refreshed when rain drops come falling downCreations starts and its renewedBy a single touch from […]

Already Alright

by: Yolanda Adams   I want to start things out by giving testimonyCause one of my friends got ill seriouslyNow the doctor told him ain’t no way you gone’ liveBut he prayed his prayer in faithAnd a miracle appeared Chorus: Its already alright,Its already alrightAnd all you got to do is Just bow your head […]


on CD: HeroYolanda Adams lead vocalalso on Yolanda Adams “Day By Day” CD   Afterwhile, afterwhileThis too shall pastAfterwhileScars will heal, you’ll love againIt won’t hurt you afterwhile (2x) Stuck between if and whenYou prayed and triedBut still no endGod’s purpose soon you’ll understandIt won’t hurt you afterwhile (2x) Afterwhile, afterwhileThis too shall pastAfterwhileScars will […]

After The Storm

written by Doug Williamsrecorded by Doug Williams & Yolanda Adams ChorusAfter the storm has come and gone,after the wind has already blown,after the clouds have cleared the sky,God’s going to wipe these tears from my eyesafter the storm. Verse 1There have been days when I hurt so bad,the load on my shoulder seems much more […]

A Song of Faith

by: Yolanda Adams   You can’t let it get you downNo no no no noNo no no no noNo no oh no noDon’t let it get you down Just when everything seems to be going alrightSome unexpected misery enters your lifeThen you ask your self how could this be wondering whyI’ve been thereYou see your […]

A Message To You

by Yolanda AdamsWritten by Ben Tankard, Yolanda Adams  I love you do you really love meI cry for you have you wept with meI’ve cared for youHow much do you care for meHave you done what I’ve asked of youI prayed for you do you pray daily withmeI struggled for youSo you could have meI […]