be with me Jesus

Oh Lord, the time is growing nigh
When I must breathe my last breath inside
Lord in my dying hour
Stay with me Jesus

Oh Lord, my friends will gather ’round
They’re watching me slowly, slowly sinking down
Stay with me Jesus
Now Lord, Lord, now Jesus time has come
When I’m must my earthly home
Friends standing around, till

they know that I am about to die
But I’m not worried, I’m not afraid,
I know you do Jesus
Just what you say ______ me, follow
You be with me Lord, day and night. I’m not afraid
I said I’m dying. Don’t leave me now
O Lord, I know you’ll stand by your word,
whenever I call you
I know you always you have already heard
Stay with me Jesus

O Lord, I said farewell
fare thee well
to my friends down here
I got loves ones
waiting for me up there

O Lord, others are waiting for me, what a reunion
I know that will be, stay with me Lord

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