God by Rebecca St. James:

He made the night, He made the day
Spread the earth upon the water
Made the heavens and the rain
Look at the sky
See it's design

The very same creator is the one who gave us life
What is man that He's mindful of us?
We're merely clay in His hands
What am I that He loves me so much He would die
All that I can say is…

It's God, truly God
Can you see, can you hear, can you touch, can you feel
It's God, truly God
I can't explain any other way cuz it's God

Inside us all there is a void
All mankind is searching for the one who fills the soul
In Him there's hope, in Him there's life
The world cries for a savior that's right before their eyes
What is man that He takes us in as His children to be His own
And what are we that He wants to be our Father
All that I can say is…


Lord I praise You for Your endless love
Your boundless grace
I stand here amazed…



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