Sorry, I Never Knew You

Sorry, I Never Knew You
Sherman Branch

Henkie M. Little Arr. by Jeffie Steele

Last night as I was sleeping, this dream came to me;
I dreamed about the end of time about eternity;
I saw a million sinners fall on their faces to pray,
The Savior sadly shook His head, and this I heard Him say;
Sorry, I never knew you, depart from me for ever more;
Sorry, I never knew you, Go and serve the one that you served before.

I thought the time had come when I must stand the trial,
I told the Lord that I had been a Christian all the while;
But thru the book He then looked, and sadly shook his head;
They placed me over on His left, and this is what he said;
Sorry, I never knew you, I find no record of your birth;
Sorry, I never knew you, Go and serve the one you served while on earth.

There was my wife and children, I heard each one’s voice,
They must have all been  happy, it seemed they did rejoice,
With robes of white around them, and crowns upon their head;
My little girl looked up at me, and this is what she said;
Daddy, we can’t go with you, We must stay on this lovely shore;
Sorry, for we still love you, but you cannot be our Daddy any more.

When I from sleep awakened, with tears in my eyes,
I looked around and there about me. to my great surprise,
I saw my wife and babies, and  knew I’d had a dream,
Then down beside my bed I fell, and for mercy did scream;
Father, who art in glory, In mercy look on me today
Forgive me let me serve Thee, Till the summons comes and calls me away.



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